Invoice simply.
Work freely.

Effortless invoices for freelancers.

Afloat is for freelancers who
don’t care about accounting.

  • Easy Invoice Editor.

    Create invoices in seconds. No errors.

  • Expense Control

    Keep track of your expenses simply.

  • Instant Preview & Overview

    Quickly overview income & invoice status.

  • Autocompletion

    Your invoices completed automatically.

And Much More

  • Private & Secure
    Built with privacy and security in mind.
  • Client Manager
    Autocomplete and manage your clients.
  • Tax Returns
    Generate tax returns in one click.
  • Payments
    Quickly see who has paid and who hasn't.
  • Instant Preview
    Preview invoices and expenses instantly.
  • Currencies
    Use any currency you want.
  • Sequences
    Support for multiple sequences of invoices.
  • Overview
    See the big picture of your business.

Freelancers staying Afloat

  • Afloat has become essential in my life as a freelancer. It’s simple and uncomplicated and invoices look amazing, awesome design.

    - Pascal Zeen.
  • Afloat doesn't have any unnecessary crap that would increase complexity. From all the numerous invoicing tools I've tried, Afloat is the simplest and most efficient to use. Also, I'm in love with the design. As I'm no designer myself, I'm happy to send invoices that still look cool and improve my brand. Super happy with it!

    - Eleeloop.
  • I'm using Afloat for several branches of my business. That means different client details, VAT numbers and oftentimes recurring clients. The auto fill that Afloat provides saves me so much time and I don’t have to worry if I’m making any mistakes because there won’t be any for sure.

    - Elina Masalin.
    Sound Designer at DODODO.
  • I wish I had known about Afloat before, a friend recommended it and it’s been a game changer for me. I was trying other tools but they were too complicated, this one is simple and so easy to use and I’m saving tons of time and stress. My invoices look beautiful and cool too. I’ll keep recommending it, shoutout to the team behind.

    - Mireya Soth.
  • Overall I love the simplicity of invoicing and the design, which makes the invoices look professional. It also helps me keep track of paid and not paid invoices. The database of clients allows me to quickly prepare invoices without the need to search for all necessary information, which is fantastic when you work with multiple clients.

    - Martin Rocek.
    Fullstack developer.

Stay Afloat.