Custom Tax Labels 📝

You can now customize the label for the tax fields with any text you want! And, as usual, Afloat will remember and autocomplete your decision for future invoices.

Languages 🌍

Want to send an invoice in the clients' native language? Sin problema! Afloat supports different invoice languages. If you can't find the language you are looking for just send us a message and we will add it for you.

Searching for something? We'll sort you out! 🔍

Afloat now supports searching and sorting.
Search for absolutely anything in invoices and expenses. Clients, item names, prices, addresses... anything!

Looking for that invoice that had an item that cost $127 but you don't remember the name of it? Easy! Search for 127, and boom, it's there!

Instant Preview ⚡️

Looking for that specific invoice? No need to download several invoices until you finally find it. Afloat lets you preview invoices instantly just moving your cursor around.

Tax Returns

Time to send your tax returns to your accountant?
Afloat will help you out!

With one click Afloat will organize all your income and expenses into folders, and create excel sheets with all your information.

All you need to do is send it to your accountant and you're done.

Tax Returns

Autocompletion ✨

Afloat is here to help! Afloat completes your invoices and expenses for you, all you need to do is fine tune the last details.

Multiple Currencies 💵

Invoiced in Canadian Dollar but got paid in Swedish Kronor? No problem! Afloat supports all the currencies you will ever need.

We are live! 🎉

Today Afloat is officially open for business! Many things are to come, but today we start our journey.